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    Jachtwerf Pampus
    Welcome to Pampus Shipyard
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    Jachtwerf Pampus
    Welcome to Pampus Shipyard
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    Jachtwerf Pampus
    Welcome to Pampus Shipyard

Winter storage ShipYard Pampus welcomes you!
If you choose an annual storage with us, you will receive a discount on the summer season.
The annual storage for boats up to 13m2 is:
Winter storage € 461,50
Summer storage € 354, -
The annual storage can be calculated as follows if your boat is larger than 13m2:
Length x the width of the boat x € 28.50 + € cleaning / use of electricity + € 16 environmental charge = € winter storage season.
Spraying and using electricity:
6 to 8 meters € 75
8 to 10 meters € 85.75
Length x the width of the boat x € 26, - + € 16, - environmental charge = € summer storage season  
You can also choose to leave your boat in the water in the winter, then the costs for the winter storage are the same as the summer storage.
To preserve your boat, we recommend that you store your boat ashore every year for maintenance.
If there are too many mussels under the boat, we will charge a mussel surcharge of € 35.
click here for the winter storage request form

Important to know if you use our annual storage:  

* Your annual parking contract is automatically extended, if you want to cancel the place, you can do so at least 1 month in advance when the next season starts again.
* You pay the parking bill in advance of each season.
* You can ask the harbor master for a key to fill up with water.
* Use of electricity for the summer season is possible for a fee.
* Check your boat in storms and rain.
* You can store 'normal' household waste and chemical waste in a suitable container.
* If you lend your boat to someone else, this must be reported, a copy ID / passport will also be made.
* We rent seasonal places, so you cannot get a parking refund if you have reserved a season.
* Make sure you have good insurance. The management is not liable for theft or possible damage.
* Do not run your boat engine on shore. Winter preparation of the engine is done in the water.
* If your boat is on shore, you must finish the job before 1 April so that the boat can be launched again. if you are not ready and we have to move, there are costs involved.
* When doing odd jobs you should always place a good tarp on the ground to catch substances and liquids. These substances can then be deposited in the appropriate chemical container.
* Paint cans and leftovers should not be stored under the boat.
* Welding and burning is not allowed.